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You want your wedding day to be perfect. You may employ a professional photographer, caterers, musicians and others because you wish to leave nothing to chance. But for all this to run smoothly, who will coordinate the day for you? Who will greet your guests, take care of cards and gifts? Who will warn your caterer that the photographer is running late and delaying proceedings? Who will manage the receiving line and ensure your guests are seated at the right time? Who will ensure that everyone knows when it is their turn to speak? Who will introduce them, and put them at ease? Who will tell the photographer that the cake is being cut, and to get the best shot? Who will make sure the band know when to play music for dancing and that the videographer is on hand to capture the couple’s first dance?

The visual impact of your Toastmaster in full traditional regalia, resplendent in immaculate red tailcoat and white gloves, gives your guests, venue staff and other agents a reassuring point of reference. His or her friendly, calming manner will reassure everyone. Your relatives, friends and guests will not have to run around working for you but can relax, share and enjoy your special occasion. Announcements and introductions will be made in the appropriate style; formally or informally, as the occasion requires; and will be made accurately, briefly and clearly. Everyone will be made to feel special and comfortable.


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Updated on 13 April 2018