Terms of Service

This terms of service is valid for both submission at either the Ad Management (backend) or front end at iweddingexpo.com.

This is a directory/platform for consolidating resources required for wedding or any other event planning, locally in the cities listed in iweddingexpo.com or internationally. Business owners are allowed to claim their listing to correct and maintain the content in the directory/platform. All pre-selected ad listings are free for a set no of days until it is claimed and payment has been paid by Business owners. Only the Business owners and iweddingexpo.com’s administrator (upon Business owners’ requests) have the right to update or remove ad listing. To claim the listing and verify, business owners shall send an email using their company domain email address to hello (at) iweddingexpo.com with subject – “Claim listing – Your Company/Business Name”.

Once ad listing is submitted (from the website front end or from the Ad Management backend) and payment is completed, you accept the Terms of Service, Disclaimers and Privacy Policy. After your submitted ad has been approved and published to public, there will be NO REFUND. Please refer to the Disclaimers and Privacy Policy before proceeding

Apart from any paid directory listing, any other advertising arrangements on iweddingexpo.com website will not be refunded, once ads are submitted with payment completed via PayPal, approved and published to public by administrator.

iweddingexpo.com and its owning company will not be held responsible for the correctness of information nor will not be held responsible for any lost or damages that may be caused by the information found in this directory/platform. Please refer to the Disclaimers.

As a register user, you are responsible for maintaining your information and consent your or your businesses’ contact information listed on the directory/platform will be stored in our database for communication between iweddingexpo.com and you.

No violence, drugs, sex, porn content is allowed. Contents that may trigger feelings of racism, religious, terrorism will not be allowed and removed without notification, regardless the listing is free or paid.

iweddingexpo.com and its owning company has the right to reject any request for listing in this directory/platform and your payment will be refunded. If iweddingexpo.com and its owning company receive order from court or legal entities to remove your ad listing, payment for listing will not be refunded.

As a registered user to submit and maintain ad listing (free or paid user), you also agree that the features and functions of the directory/platform may be subject to ongoing changes and upgrade with or without prior notification.

iweddingexpo.com and its owning company will not sell registered users’ information to any 3rd party without prior consent. When we receive any request from other companies seeking for direct marketing opportunities , we will contact users 10 days in advance (such 10 days may include public holidays or weekends in your location) to opt-in or opt-out to receive our partners’ marketing promotion materials.

iweddingexpo.com uses Google Analytics, and other Google services , which iweddingexpo.com’s visitor data will be collected for analysis purposes and for digital marketing purposes, e.g. ad targeting, remarketing. Such visitor data will not contain personal information, e.g. name, birthday, passport data. For further information about such data, please refer to the Privacy Policy page. Once you register as user, you show your consent and acceptance to the Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy.

iweddingexpo.com is an information directory. For visitors of iweddingexpo.com, iweddingexpo.com and its owning company (Blynk Corporation Limited, Hong Kong) shall not be held responsible for any lost or damages that may incur due to: i) incorrect information submitted and maintained by the users and/or ii) deals or transactions carrying out between you and the business or individuals directly. Please refer to Disclaimer.